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Stephanie Green

Art forms

Drawing, Illustration, Painting, Printmaking


Rural childhood.
I was born and raised on a farm in the Somerset Hills, in the South of England. I painted as soon as I could hold a brush, just like my grandmothers before me. My journey in politics and environmental activism began in these childhood years too. The child of a politician I was raised to know we should help each other, so I starting various recycling schemes and conservation areas in my school and village. In the 90’s we were all so hopeful, we could see climate change on the horizon and we were working to change minds and habits. Children today have a new and more pressing climate challenge and my work aims to inspire hopeful wonderment in a generation.

First Exhibitions.
My teen years were filled with environmental schemes, volunteering, international public speaking and painting. At 18 I exhibited early oil paintings in my first group show in Taunton.
When I inherited my Grandmother’s paints it ignited a passion for watercolours. While based in Taunton I exhibited with the Somerset Arts Week and Somerset Artists Network with a number of solo and group shows. Selected at 21 to exhibit online with young talent with the online Saatchi and Saatchi gallery.

Art, Activism and Bristol.
I moved to commission work in 2006. Exhibiting and selling work from our base in Bristol and through out the UK. In 2008 friends invited me to join their creative design team at the design agency, Shaped by.
By 2012 I established Kindred Design my own studio and relocated to Worcestershire. In 2012 I also launched my first not-for-profit group, Dauntless Daughters, to increase diverse visual representation in early years literature. We quickly established a national audience and along with presenting at conferences I helped the UK Department of Work and Pensions and grassroots organisation WomenEd. My illustrations and writing is featured in whitepapers and published in several books.

Becoming parents.
When my children were born I re-imagined my passion for education and the environment. Our parenting journey has been, and remains, an odyssey – as we weave through Waldorf, home-school and the mainstream – our children have always been free to find their own rhythm and pace.
From 2012-2019, I headed up the Parent Committee, and served as a school Governor, I worked as a designer, and volunteered teaching handwork with children. Over these years I painted a range of children’s illustrations to inspire wonder and help connect learning with nature through art. Painting from the spare room in our cottage in rural Worcestershire.

Becoming a company.
By 2023 the project had grown to such a size we need more space. Now stocked in 60+ countries translated into 8 languages the collection of art is housed within the company Wilded Family. Publishing my 4th book this year, the first to feature watercolour illustrations throughout.

Worcester Arts Collective.
I founded Worcester Arts Collective (WAC) in Spring 2023 to give an intentional supportive space for fellow artists to find their commercial feet, and develop opportunities to nurture a supportive co-op.