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About Worcester Arts Collective

Supporting creatives

Worcester Arts Collective exists to promote creativity. We work to enable and empower to creatives in the local area, those working with vulnerable and marginalised groups and children and young people. Providing space for workshops, exhibitions and events for the community of Worcester.

Our charitable aims are to support creative initiatives in Worcester to reach as many people and places as possible by:

  • Providing workshop and gallery space in the heart of Worcester.
  • Collaborating with local initiatives and organisations to support creative projects.
  • Resourcing creatives with materials and skills.
  • Supporting sustainable business practice, mentoring and pathway to creative careers.
  • Supporting those working with vulnerable, marginalised and other groups, creating safe spaces and best practice.
  • Improving access to creative spaces and materials.
  • Supporting work that promotes the therapeutic benefits of creative practice.

Creative Packs

Volunteers for pack making and donations of materials welcome

We are passionate about fostering creativity in children. This mission? Crafting Creative Packs for the Food Bank, ensuring every child has access to art and imagination, one pack at a time. Join us in nurturing young minds through creativity!

Get in touch to find out more, or sign up to our newsletter to be notified about our next pack making session.